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You can’t use information you don’t have, right ladies? You probably don’t know that you have a second ovulation each month. It is your Lunar Ovulation.
Did you know that 45% of all pregnancies in the U.S. were unintended (another way to say that is unplanned) in 2011? This is true according to Guttmacher Institute Pregnancy Fact Sheet which draws this statistic from the New England Journal of Medicine. It makes sense that if women are only tracking 1 out of 2 ovulations, we would have a rate of nearly half of all pregnancies occurring by accident. It makes sense that you can get pregnant during your period. It makes sense the the family planning method fails so many women. We didn’t know. Lunar ovulation was discovered by Dr. Eugen Jonas in 1959 and unfortunately has not caught on... yet.
We are designing an app and offering natural solutions for birth control. We aim to eliminate the problematic, harmful, and pervasive side effects you experience with hormonal and insertable methods. We aim to drastically reduce unplanned pregnancies. More good news. We can help you double your chances if your intention is to get pregnant. Are you ready for better choices in birth control?
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