Long, long ago there were ways that our ancestral grandmothers were so deeply connected to their own bodies and to nature’s cyclical rhythms. In these great turning times, we are coming back to our bodies, back to our undeniable connection with nature, and reclaiming our power to make choices for ourselves, especially related to our once-and-again sacred wombs. This is a journey that I recognize that I am not on alone. Everywhere I turn, other women are going through the same process of coming back to themselves after being horribly misguided by society's most fashionable ideas about what women should be like, to have a period, and how to manage your fertility. So many of us know the pain of disrupted hormones and shame around our bodies and period cycles. So many of us carry deep wounds around what it means to be a woman. In my own experience, living in harmony with nature holds the key to our healing. Birth and death are necessary truths and part of the wonderous process of life, just as the fertility cycle is part of the magic and majesty of having a womb. Our wombs are the gateway to our primordial consciousness and the epicenter of our creative juices. Our reconnection to them is our reconnection to the flow of pleasure in our lives. It’s a multi-step journey to reclaiming sovereignty of your womb and healing your endocrine system. The most important ingredient is time. It takes a little patience and a lot of gentleness with yourself. The recipe is easier than you might think. Remove toxins. Add nutrients. Choose positive signals. Release old stories and emotions. Learn both of your ovulations. Choose an alternative form of fertility management. Your Womb + the Moon has been created to support and empower you while you do all this. You’ll be held in loving non-judgment with whatever womb stories you want to share and release. You’ll gain insight into your personal connection to the moon cycle and learn how to find your lunar ovulation. We’ll do guided energy womb clearing and self healing. You won’t be alone. Your relationship to your body will change. Your confidence in your ability to manage your fertile will greatly increase. Your Womb + the Moon opens on May 1st, 2021. I’m your facilitator, Elsa. I have been an astrologer for 20 years. I have been living the journey of healing my womb space for just as long. The insights I have gained along the way are worth sharing with you. For the last few years, I have been studying modalities of energy work and psychic healing. It’s my spiritual assignment to help wombs heal, encourage conscious conception, reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies, and liberate woman from suffering related to their health and fertility. Join my email list for a FREE Womb Clearing Meditation, and to hear more about Your Womb + the Moon, which opens on May 1st and other upcoming projects, such as LunarOv. More to be revealed on this site in time.
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Disclaimer: I am addressing womb-having, female-bodied folks, whether they identify as women or not, because that is who I am here to serve. For simplicity’s sake, I will sometimes use the terms “women” and “woman”. Please do not attempt to behead me for it. ;) Other times I will say womb-havers or use other words, if you come to work with me, simply tell me your preferred pronoun and I will happily use it for you.