Your Womb + the Moon
A circle for healing, story sharing and rewriting, sisterhood support, learning, and remembering to deeply connect within.
May 1st - May 28th
Expect a dash of astrology. You will learn about your second monthly ovulation, the one you find by the moon. (Gasp! You've never heard of that before, I know I didn't know either... it's how I got pregnant on the 2nd day of my period.) Weekly live calls will be magically infused with opening meditations for energy clearing, focusing on our most sacred, sexy portals. Your Moon + the Womb is beautiful, simple and well-organized on Sutra platform with live non-recorded calls on Zoom. Highly accessible tiered pricing: $44 if your under the age of 23 or BIPOC, $55 if you sign up before April 25th, $66 if sign up after. It is a 4 week connective container, with private, live calls focused on sharing, connecting, and being lovingly witnessed, no matter your old womb story. And then ritually releasing that shit to make space for the dawning of a new era of womb liberation. Only the meditations will be recorded. Shares will not. This community will be curated by sisterhood standards for trust and supportive vibes. + There's beneficial content related to all things healing of the womb and endocrine system in the community content circle. + There's discussion circles for posting and sharing if you prefer to share that way. + There's no Big Brother censorship in sight, and the platform is run by a couple who strive for integrity... so you can say all those words that get you thrown from IG and FB in our circle. Join my email list to get the invite to the registration page. I am respectful about how often I send out emails to my list. The real juice and magic is inside the Your Womb + the Moon anyway. We begin on the celebration of spring and fertility, Beltane, May 1st. Email any questions to [email protected]
Photo by Sofia Drobinskaya